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Maribato! is a doujin Fighting Game developed in by DK Software, based on the Light Novel Maria-sama ga Miteru. The game features the students from . Maribato! is a fanmade Fighting Game developed in for the PC by DK Software, and has the most popular characters of Maria-sama ga Miteru as playable characters. Gameplay is similar to that found in other games such as Street Fighter, The King Of Fighters, Guilty Gear, among others, and the characters sport quirky. 22 Oct - 25 min - Uploaded by zedk8 Difficulty: Easy Played on Windows XP. What does "Soeur" mean?

Maribato! Plus, or also known as Ver is a standalone extended disc, an all girls fighting game based upon Maria-sama ga Miteru anime series with more stages and characters. There are eight original characters and five additional characters to choose from; Kanako, Noriko, Touko, Shizuka, and Shiori. In Maribato! the. Maribato! is a two dimensional tag team fighting game, featuring the cast of Maria -sama ga Miteru anime series. Player will take up to 2 characters and and they can be switched throughout the game which is shown by "souer bar". In Maribato! tags are instantaneous, making them very useful in escaping enemy combos or. Click the author names to download. CHARACTER SELECT Noriko Nijou: Sakuraka || Shimako Todou: Shimon || Kanako Ho.

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